Event Highlights For The Global Warming And Climate Change Team

It has been a week since the Re:source campaign has officially ended. Did you give our campaign a visit? And if so did you get to visit the Global Warming and Climate Change booth? If you have visited us here is a little throwback and for those who did not get to visit do not fret as we have some amazing pictures coming up for you all!

The Global Warming and Climate Change booth was named as the Museum in the Re:source city, surrounded but beautiful green walls from UrbanHydro Solutions it is a very eye catching booth in the Re:source city. The booth is divided into three parts, whereby the first part we are highlighting the causes and impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change. After that, we will be providing solutions in the second part of the exhibition booth, finished with activities provided by our official collaborators Powershift Malaysia, Malaysian Youth Delegation and Greenpeace Malaysia.

To save on resources, we have information displayed on DIY exhibition boards made out of old bunting stands and wire fences. Information are printed out on paper and pasted onto a piece of mounting board, however all the information that have been displayed during the exhibition will be passed on to Powershift Malaysia for future use. Here are some beautiful photos to give you guys an idea of what is going on in the Re:source city!

Overall setting of the exhibition booth
Interesting display of causes for Global Warming and Climate Change
The DIY exhibition board by the Global Warming and Climate Change team
3D Board for little things we can do to help stop Global Warming and Climate Change
The beautiful green wall from Urbanhydro
Thanks for doing right for what’s left !

We would like to thank everyone that have visited us as well as those who have supported the Re:source campaign since day one, the Global Warming and Climate Change team would like to sincerely thank everyone for doing right for what’s left! For more photos and information of the campaign, please feel free to visit our official Facebook page to get to know about what has been carried in the Re:source campaign.


Temperature Might Rise By 5 °C At The End Of The Century

Recently, there has been a new study that is telling us that the temperatures could rise by 5°C by the end of the century. Under the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s prediction, the temperature will be 15 percent more hotter than previous estimates.

The scenario of temperatures rising more than 4 degrees by 2100 has increased from 62 percent to a whopping 93 percent based on a new analysis. Of course these are all bad news for us especially since the simulations on climate change are mostly based on real-world observations on how energy flows and how does the climate system on our planet work. The UN’s report also relies on various research institutions to estimate the ranges of global warming that are likely to occur on different scenarios.

One of the findings shows that the world will have to cut down another 800 gigatons of carbon dioxide in this century for the earlier warming estimates to hold. As we now know, the damage to our planet has been done and prevention is a little bit too late. However, we can still do right for what’s left and make a change today. Although the Re:source campaign has just ended, we do hope that the knowledge you have gotten from the Global Warming and Climate Change team will inspire you do right for what’s left of our planet.

Also, special thanks to our collaborators and sponsor Urbanhydro Solutions, Powershift Malaysia, Malaysian Youth Delegation and Greenpeace Malaysia. They have provided us with amazing information and knowledge as well as helping us out with activities for the Global Warming and Climate Change team. Once again, we would like to thank everyone for doing right for what’s left.

Thermometer For Global Warming & Climate Change Still Up

Last Friday was the the end of our official on-ground publicity activities, lots of great activities are conducted by all the teams and there are some interesting stunts displayed as well. One of them being the Thermometer for the Global Warming and Climate Change scope for the Re:source campaign.

The Global Warming and Climate Change team has prepared a huge thermometer that serves as a PR stunt located right at canteen 2, basically by liking on this post you will be able to help reduce the temperature on the thermometer. Every 10 likes gained on the post will help in reducing 1 Celsius on the thermometer, so lets do right for what’s left and give the post a like and of course share it out to your friends.

Image may contain: 1 person

Besides the thermometer, we will also be having some sharing sessions from our collaborative partners Greenpeace Malaysia, PowerShift Malaysia and Malaysian Youth Delegation. Seats for the talks are limited so hurry up and register your interests with us right at our thermometer in canteen 2! The details for the sharing session will shortly be updated in our official Facebook page and blog.


How Will The Raise In CO2 Speed Up Global Warming

Global Warming is getting worst and according to the scientists from the University of Reading, the sensitivity of Earth towards atmospheric CO2 concentrations have increased, meaning that the raise in CO2 is speeding up global warming.

There are evidence suggesting that the outer layer of the Earth’s atmosphere is warming faster than the surface of the Earth in response of the rising CO2 levels, however there is also a new study showing that as CO2 levels increase further, the warming of the upper level slows down when compared to the Earth’s surface.

This contrast of temperatures between the two layers are causing changes for cloud altitudes, causing the sea surface to be exposed to more sunlight and hence the increase in sea surface temperature. These results strongly emphasize on the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans to avoid worst impacts from global warming and climate change.

The Global Warming and Climate Change team will be having on-ground activities as well as publicity activities which involves the “Little Things” you can do to help in reducing carbon emissions in the Re:source campaign, make sure you check out the activities at the Re:source campaign, and also remember to check our official Facebook page for the on-going publicity activity as well.

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(Source – Phys.org)

What Is Global Warming And Climate Change?

Global warming and climate change, this is something we have been told about all the time. But how many of you really know the effects and consequences that global warming and climate change will bring to us?

In courtesy of BBC news, it is suggested that the global  average temperature today is 15C, however geological evidence is suggesting that it is higher or lower in the past. However, the rise in temperature is occurring more rapidly compared to many past events. Scientists are now concerned rapid human-induced warming are seriously impacting the planet’s climate.

temperature chane chart, Nasa GISS
Graph sourced from BBC news, information provided by NASA GISS

By looking at this graph, we can see that the temperature records show that the average temperature of the Earth’s surface has increased by about 0.8C (1.4F) in the last 100 years. And about 0.6C (1.0F) of this warming has occurred in the last three decades. This graph serves as a reminder that global warming and climate change is indeed happening and we are starting to experiencing the effects of it, especially in this year.

This is because 2016 and 2017 are the warmest years that have been recorded over the past century. Besides that, satellites are also recording a rise of 3mm in sea level every year in recent decades. All of these effects will directly affect our daily lives, looking at how the weather in Malaysia has been unpredictable in recent years and the cases of floods increasing year by year.

Despite all this, there is always a way to change, and the change starts from all of us. Re:source City will happening at Dewan Utama of TAR UC on 5th and 6th January 2018 where we will share some tips and knowledge on how to combat the issue of global warming and climate change alongside with other amazing exhibits. Do not fear, as there is still time to Do right for what’s left.

(Source: BBC news)